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Company Policy

Fair sharing of benefit from biological resources
for resource countries and users.


Nimura Plant Lab. was established by Japanese in Malaysia.

We have been supported by local scientists and government officers
for quite sometime.

Without their support, we could not reach where we are now.
without their future support, we won't reach where we are to.

We respect resource countries' views and opinions to their own resources.
Foreigners are not allowed to take and use their resources,
even for academic purpose without permission.

The word 'plant hunter' probably has some sentiment,
but we should not forget resource country people call them

Our goll is to establish business which conserve biodiversity reasonably
and to benefit both parties fairly.


nimura satoshi
Managing Director



Active fields

We have big network in South East Asia region.

Since we started as a plant information company,
we have network of botanists and biochemists in this region.

Ethnobotanical databases in various countries such as;
Malaysia, Thai, Vietnam, Myanmar, are underway.

Future Plan

To enrich ethnobotanical database in the region,
to increase numbers of cultivated medicinal plants,
to widen variety of plant extracts stocks.

We are negotiating with Malaysian Forest Department
to have own resource forest.

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